VPN Access

Safe, private browsing

If you live in an area with tight web browsing rules but would like to explore the World Wide Web as much as you can, we have a solution for you. With all our cloud web hosting plans, you’ll be able to gain Virtual Private Network access and explore the World Wide Web freely. All you have to do is set up a brand–new network with the settings we offer then we will redirect your entire incoming and outgoing website traffic out of one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.


A safe and secure web app firewall program

Our company offers an instant way of protecting every web application in your hosting account, irrespective of whether it is freshly installed or has been transferred from another hosting vendor. All our cloud web hosting packages offer ModSecurity – a web application firewall software, which is activated automatically. We’ve configured it to instantly impede the majority of hacker assaults. This implies that the moment you host your website with us, it will be safer than before.

Data Backups

Your web sites are completely backed–up with us

We make back–up copies of your website content frequently, which suggests that you never risk losing your personal website files, applications, databases, email messages, etc. due to hacker assaults or even unintended deleting on your part. Additionally, thanks to the File Manager which is accessibly integrated into the Online Control Panel, you can make manual back–up copies of all your web site content whenever you want. Just mark and zip the folder(s) that you wish to back up and our system will save it for you in the location that you’ve indicated.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Web site administration made simple and easy

Website handling has been now made much simpler. The point ’n’ click Online Control Panel puts all typical site control tasks at your fingertips. You can upload any type of documents using simple drag & drop actions, control all the settings of your domains and web sites by just a single place, transfer and register multiple domains, create and control multiple email boxes, control email list campaigns, set up MySQL databases, get SSL Certificates to protect your visitors, etc.. Comprehensive statistics will keep you up–to–date with all visits and actions on your sites.

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